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Workshops on Saturday, August 11, 2018

11:30 AM  Beyond Applesauce: A Vinaigrette, a Sauce & a Shrub with Chef Michele Anna Jordan

Three delicious ways to use both apple juice and apple cider vinegar, with an easy-to-make vinaigrette, a versatile sauce great on everything from foie gras and grilled chicken to vanilla ice cream, and a refreshing, healthy hedge against hot weather.   

1:00 PM    All About Home Composting with Will Bakx of Renewable Sonoma

You will be guided through easy to follow steps to build a successful compost pile. Create conditions where omnipresent microorganisms will do most of the work to produce great compost. Having trouble with your current composting system at home? We’ll figure out why and how to fix it. Bring your questions! Using compost, you can cool the planet through carbon gardening.

2:30 PM    Shampoo Bars, Natural Ingredients & No Packaging Waste! with Rubber Ducky Soap Co.

Learn to make Shampoo Bar Soap the latest trend that helps minimize packaging to help save our environment. Learn the lost art of soap making with tricks of the trade as Kelly takes you through the process with a step by step tutorial. Enjoy smelling and feeling the process of creating your own soap.

4:00 PM    The Art of Fermentation with Dominic Padua of Dom Chi

In this demonstration, Dominic will lead you through the basic skills of making Sauerkraut and will discuss the fundamentals of fermentation.

Workshops on Sunday, August 12, 2018

11:30 AM    Recycle your Food Waste with Worms! with Dave Bailey

Did you know that your kitchen’s food waste can be recycled into an amazing fertilizer? Did you know that most food waste that is thrown away goes into landfills and contributes to global warming? If you want to save the planet and get great fertilizer for free, join David Bailey for a vermicomposting workshop that teaches you how to do it at home. You will learn about the mighty red wiggler worm, how to set up a worm bin, what food you can recycle, and how to use the castings (worm poop) on your garden.

1:00 PM    Herbal Tea Blends for Your Health & Well Being with Barbara Jean “BJ” Avery of Sonoma County Herb Exchange

Join BJ Avery of the Sonoma County Herb Exchange in crafting your personalized tea blend for fun and good health. We will use all locally grown herbs to make some simple herbal tea blends that are delicious and good for you.

2:30 PM    Making Cider with Scott Heath of Tilted Shed Ciderworks 

Scott will guide you through the basics of DIY cider, including apple varieties, setup, pressing, yeast selection, fermentation, blending, and bottling. He will also provide his favorite resources about growing your own cider apples; renting, buying, and making your own equipment; and taking your cidermaking skills to the next level.

4:00 PM   Make Mozzarella Cheese at Home with Gabe Jackson of the Beverage People

Learn to make and stretch your own mozzarella cheese at home. Pasta filata, or stretched curd cheese, is fun for the whole family. Gabe will discuss how to make mozzarella at home, provide a recipe, and encourage you try your own hands at stretching curd. With hot stretched curd, you can produce more than just a mozzarella ball…you can also make burrata, hide a tomato ball inside your cheese, or make a prosciutto and basil filled mozzarella roll.

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