Application: 2019 Food/Beverage Vendor

PLEASE NOTE, we are continuing to expand our efforts to incorporate waste reduction principles at the Gravenstein Apple Fair.

The following service ware items are no longer permitted, and our team will work with you to source cost-comparable alternatives:

1.  “Compostable” plant fiber/bio-plastics, aka PLA or Ingeo (these products can’t be composted locally)

2.  Coated paper food containers (if it has a shiny surface, it is likely coated)

3.  Plastics smaller than 4″ in diameter– this includes utensils, lids, sides/dressing cups, bags, film, straws, etc.

4.  Styrofoam

5.  Plastic water bottles (filtered drinking water is available to guests on site at 6 filtration stations)

Read our Sustainability Guidelines, here, before submitting an application.  All food vendors must comply with these guidelines.

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