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Workshops on Saturday, August 17, 2019

11:30 AM  Using Natural Dyes in the World of Fiber Arts with Alisha Reyes of Fiber Circle Studio

Plants are so magical and they have infinite uses! For fiber artist Alisha Reyes, they are an expression of color. Join her for an introduction on the use of natural dyes on plant and animal-based fibers, such as fabric and yarn, in the world of fiber arts.  

1:00 PM   Wild Cocktails & Refreshments: Unleash Your Creative Side With Botanicals with Phaedra Achor of Monarch Bitters 

Every spirit lover understands the value of simple syrups and bitters for a cocktail, but did you know crafting your own flavors can be easily done at home? Phaedra Achor of Monarch Bitters will walk you through the basics of wild foraging, from the proper identification of wild edibles along the Sonoma Coast, to how to infuse these complex flavors into a honeyed simple syrup and drinking vinegar. After demonstrating how to make a simple syrup and shrub, Phaedra will mix up a custom mocktail and fruity
refreshment including her handmade bitters, pureed fruits and other flavors. A recipe will be included for everyone to enjoy.

2:30 PM   Making Jam with Peter Coyote

Join Peter Coyote, a celebrated actor, author, activist, and Zen Buddhist priest, in a Jam Making demonstration. In addition to all his other accomplishments, Peter is a passionate Jamming Jelly artist and makes fabulous jams from his garden and fruit tree orchard in Sebastopol, CA.  Peter will demonstrate an easy way to preserve the bounty of our gardens and farmers’ markets with basic kitchen skills and equipment. He’ll walk you through the process and will send you home with recipes and creative additions, with which you can experiment.  The workshop will show you how to capture the bright flavors of seasonal fruit and how you can maximize the flavor and shelf life of your ingredients.

4:00 PM    Building an Earthen Oven for Your Backyard with Miguel Elliott of Living Earth Structures

Miguel Elliott of Living Earth Structures will be sharing the technique of building a small cob oven out of fire bricks, local Earth, sand & straw. He will lead you through a demo on making a miniature outdoor oven for you to apply to a full-sized oven in your own backyard! Miguel will share not only the process and benefits of building with cob or adobe, but will provide building tips and tricks and also a list of local resources. This will be a hands- & feet-on demo, with a washing station provided. Come learn a valuable skill which you can directly apply to building your own backyard structure using Earth right from the ground!

Workshops on Sunday, August 18, 2019

11:30 AM    Building Natural Log Beehives with Michael J. Thiele of Apis Arborea

Log hives rehabilitate the natural home environment of honeybees which has allowed them to thrive for millions of years. The ‘rewilding’ honeybees provides natural resources for local honeybee populations and supports the honeybee’s health. Join Michael and learn about innovative ways of apiculture and how to create and provide an ideal nesting habitat for honeybees. You’ll get hands-on experience with the first phase of hive-building and be able build your own bee sanctuary at home.

1:00 PM    Making Honey Apple Oatmeal Soap with Mindy Wright of The Goat Farm

Mindy will lead you through a step-by-step demonstration of how to make a batch of cold process soap from scratch. Topics will include: the ingredients and tools needed for the soap-making process, and instructions on how to safely work with sodium hydroxide at home. Keeping with the Gravenstein Apple Fair theme, Mindy will be using Gravenstein apples and local honey for its beneficial properties. Recipes and samples will be made available for DIY participants.

2:30 PM  Fun With Apples for Adults – Making Hard Cider & Cyser with Gabe Jackson of The Beverage People

What are you going to do with all those ripe apples?  Gabe will show you how to turn that sweet juice into an age-worthy hard cider at home.  Adults 21+ only, please, or at least adult supervision. Get ready for plenty of interaction with ripe apples! In this demo Gabe will lead you through the theory of making hard cider, then show you how easy it is to crush apples with The Beverage People rental apple mill. As a bonus, he will show you his personal favorite approach to hard cider—Cyser.  By adding honey, the group will prepare an apple/honey mixture destined for life as an Apple Cider Mead known as Cyser. Never tasted that before? Gabe will have some on hand for you to try if you are 21+. Topics along the way will include processes, materials, sanitation, and basic home lab testing will be covered.

4:00 PM Growing Mushrooms at Home with Nik Dyer of Permaculture Artisans

The world of culinary mushroom cultivation is often perceived as technical and mysterious. This workshop will demonstrate to participants just how easy it can be to grow your own oyster mushrooms using a small space and low-tech methods. Participants will learn the basics of mycology and the fundamentals of home mushroom cultivation. Nik will also introduce other varieties that are easy to grow such as the delicious and medicinal Shiitake mushroom and will discuss the alternative growing mediums such as logs, waste coffee grounds, straw or strawdust pellets. Everyone will leave the workshop with a mini mushroom farm that will soon provide them with delicious oyster mushrooms and a handout of methods and resources.



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